Mason Bros. Commercial Precinct

BIM as a game changer for asset management:

Precinct Properties has transformed the Mason Bros. Building – a character warehouse in Wynyard Quarter on Auckland’s waterfront – into a highly efficient, innovative and functional commercial workspace, enabled by BIM. The project demonstrates how data for asset management can be captured digitally and delivered on site through mobile technology – a New Zealand first and potential game changer. It shows how BIM is integral to improving the quality and usefulness of the information that is delivered alongside a physical asset to inform its future operation and maintenance.

The project involved repurposing an historic warehouse facility used for the 2003 America’s Cup into a dynamic, commercial environment. Precinct Properties were looking for an innovative redevelopment solution that would ensure that the Mason Bros. Building was sustainable and responsive to changing needs. A particular driver was making the building highly efficient to run and using technology to create advancements in this area. Precinct Properties wanted a fully integrated asset information management (AIM) system to achieve greater accuracy in forecasting operating costs and capital expenditure. They sought Beca’s expertise in digital asset information management to make it happen.

The Beca BIM team managed the digital capture of information about the building’s assets, trained the contractor and their supply chain how to input this data during construction, and provided a complete “digital handover” of asset information at the completion of the refurbishment to support the ongoing operation of the Mason Bros. Commercial Precinct.

This is a New Zealand first in mobile technology being used to capture essential asset information for ongoing asset management and operation. Electronic delivery of data helped drive a far better as-built handover to the client. Beca championed the implementation of this innovative asset management solution that provides Precinct Properties with detailed, up-to-date, reliable information on the building’s plant and equipment. All of the Mason Bros. Building asset information is delivered on mobile devices, taking a tedious paper-based process into the digital space. Precinct’s asset management and operations teams can instantly access all of the 3D models and view where the assets are in the building and the data and documents associated with them. With critical building lifecycle information at its fingertips, Precinct Properties now uses the digital data in its daily activities.

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Project duration:
May to December 2016

BIM Uses:
Asset management
Existing condition modelling
Record modelling for future refurbishments
Building (preventative) maintenance scheduling