BIM101 – seminar series videos

As part of the BIMinNZ initiative for industry training the successful BIM101: An insight Seminar series have been created and presented by Industry volunteers. There is a total of Seven Modules, provided below. These videos follow on from the successful BIM101 training booklet which can be downloaded on the BIM Industry Training page.

Module 1 - The need to change

Highlighting why our industry needs to change, factors affecting this change and why we believe the pathway is though BIM and Collaboration.

Module 2 - BIM around the World

How do other countries around the world use and implement BIM.

Module 3 - BIM in New Zealand

BIM from a New Zealand Perspective.

Module 4 - What is meant by BIM

This module explains BIM,  providing a clear understanding of what BIM means.

Module 5 - BIM SMP’s (Standards, Methods & Processes)

SMP’s are fundamental to the successful delivery on BIM.

Modules 6 - Collaborating with BIM

We cover the importance of Collaboration - how collaboration makes BIM work and  how BIM aids collaboration.

Module 7 - Where to from here

We review how companies are doing BIM and realising the benefits. Plus an insight into some steps you can take.

We recommend that you share these videos with your fellow construction industry colleagues so that those who did not attend the seminar may also be inspired.


With thanks to…

None of this would be possible without the enormous commitment of the NZIOB and the BIM Industry Training Group, particularly: Dennis Burns – Archaus, Glenn Jowett – Beca, Craig Watkins – Hawkins, David McDonald – John Leen Plumbing, Keeley Pomeroy – AECOM, Peter Jeffs - Architectus