A game-changer

Few things have the potential to improve the performance of New Zealand’s building, construction and asset operation sectors as Building Information Modelling (BIM). BIM is the only improvement initiative likely to deliver a step-change, rather than an incremental gain in productivity.

BIM – better building process, building better performance


What is BIM?
BIM is a coordinated set of processes, supported by technology, that add value through the sharing of structured information for buildings and infrastructure assets. BIM adds value to the whole life of a built asset, from pre-design to operation. It paves the way for the application of modern digital technologies to the briefing, design, procurement, construction, handover and operation of an asset.

What is BIMinNZ?
This site offers a number of tools and resources to increase the use of BIM across New Zealand. BIMinNZ is driven by the BIM Acceleration Committee (BAC), a nationwide alliance of industry and government organisations working to promote BIM within the New Zealand building and construction industry.

Our purpose - Accelerating the use of BIM in New Zealand.
Because it is key to achieving significant increase in productivity, accelerating the use of BIM in the construction process has become a priority. It is vital that industry, clients and government begin to take advantage of its many benefits – especially during this time of high construction demand. New Zealanders need more affordable, quality buildings and infrastructure, now and in the future.

Getting Started

This section covers all the fundamentals including; What is BIM? Why should I use it? Where do I start?


Key resources for understanding and using BIM. We recommend you start with the NZ BIM Handbook.


Industry and tertiary training options including the BIM 101 video seminar series.

Events and networking

Find the next networking event in your area and connect with like-minded BIM industry people.

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The New Zealand BIM Handbook

2019, Third edition