The following think pieces invite discussion on the
wide-ranging benefits of BIM throughout the
life cycle of built assets.



Collaborating with BIM

By Jon Williams, member of the NZ BIM Acceleration Committee and Chief Specialist Project and Digital Delivery at Beca. 
The Building Information Modelling (BIM) process of creating digital representations of built assets in a common data environment is intrinsically collaborative. This paper provides a high level overview of how the various parties involved work together in the BIM process, and the changes that are required to conventional project delivery to realise the significant productivity gains BIM can deliver. 


Unlocking the value of BIM for asset management

In New Zealand the benefits of using Building Information Modelling (BIM) during the design and construction phases of a building’s life cycle are increasingly understood. Less well known is the long-term value that can be delivered by BIM in the operation phase, after the building’s handover.

Greater use of BIM and digital information to support asset management (AM) and facilities management (FM) is critical to its greater uptake.

This paper explores how BIM can be used to improve the quality and usefulness of the information that is delivered alongside a physical asset to assist its future operation and maintenance. Anchoring BIM to the owner’s business drivers is central to its success.